No-one else is like you. Every person is different and all of my clients are unique

With this in mind, it is vital that my Emotional Wellbeing Coaching sessions are tailored perfectly to fit with your needs, wants and desires. Due to your uniqueness, I have no one method of delivery or school of coaching that I use. Instead, all sessions are designed to bring about the maximum emotional transformation and enhanced sustainability; it’s not just a case of adding value but retaining it.


I know there are many who prefer to have a structure or framework to work to, so you know what to expect and can have peace of mind that we are always on the same page. For this purpose, I developed the ‘TURN THE PAGE’ Framework which is adaptable and provides a flexible structure that can be customised.

TURN THE PAGE Framework involves:

Dedicated time to explore, discover and heal in a safe space

Understanding your journey
Build your understanding of what needs to happen to move from where you are to where you want to be, along with understanding the process and the commitment needed to get desired outcomes

You will gain an understanding of what it will take to develop your personal resilience, as you become equipped with all of the relevant tools you need to move forward without intervention from external sources for support

New Mind
Working towards changing your thoughts, as this is how you change your life. Eradicating negative thought patterns and behaviours, and replacing them with thoughts and behaviours which serve your future self

As you become more self-aware, you will begin to experience your own personal transformation, leaving you feeling, happier, freer and like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders

Hypnotherapy is one key modality which could be used during your coaching session to draw out those unconscious beliefs and thoughts, which will help to further explain why you do, feel and act the way you do

Emotional Healing
You will begin and complete the process of letting go of any negative emotions which are holding you back

Powerful & Dynamic Dialogue
Using powerful and dynamic dialogue you will be able to experience a deeper exploration, to gain further insights of what is going on in your life

You will have the opportunity to complete or incorporate key actions after each session.

You will be able to measure your progress from where you started from to where you want to be, enabling you to acknowledge your personal growth

You will be work towards having more control over your life or any situation you may find yourself in

How it works

All sessions start with a free discovery consultation. For coaching to work, it needs to be based upon a mutual agreement of understanding and trust. Just as I’m not suited to work with all types of clients, so not all clients are suited to work with me, and this is fine. This is why the initial discovery session is so important.

During the discovery – which usually takes up to 30 minutes, we will start the Powerful and Dynamic Dialogue; mostly it will be you talking to me and me listening carefully to what you say. This will allow me to get a full and clear picture of where you are now, what you want and where you want to be. It is not unusual for new perspectives, insights and understandings to form at this time, which is why this initial process is so essential. At the close of this first session, I’ll offer my assessment of what I have heard and how I can help you to move things forward, we will then schedule your first Emotional Wellbeing Coaching session.

Emotional Wellbeing Coaching sessions can be booked individually or in packages of 3 or 6. I mainly work via Skype/Zoom; however, face-to-face sessions are available too. Sessions are usually no longer than 90 minutes. Depending on the bespoke services selected, sessions can include a personalised hypnosis recording for you to listen to as this enables changes to be locked in.

Core Values

The Core Values of SJ Lawrence are what support our vision, shape the culture and reflect how we like to do business and work with others. They are the essence of our identity and comprise:


Always acting in the interest of others, by being positive, supportive and caring, whilst challenging the status quo


Working with honesty, respect and honour without compromising the truth


Being available to others in the moment and holding ‘space’ for deep exploration and safe discovery


Supporting others to close the gap from where they are now to where they want to be

Contact me today at SJ Lawrence and find out how my Emotional Wellbeing Coaching can help you to move forward and live your best life.

What My Wonderful Clients Say

One of the greatest gifts one can receive is healing, especially when it came through from a skilled and loving guide. I was blessed to have received a healing session from SJ. I felt her presence throughout the entire session, like a beam of warm light.

I started to see gradual changes in my life and in how I deal with challenges afterwards. The people and the things that used to trigger me emotionally are now more manageable or evaporate before I even notice. I also start to accept and forgive, and I let go of old habitual thought patterns that were detrimental to my mental well-being. I feel worthy, loved, and empowered to my own self-discovery.
Let SJ guide you and support you on your journey to heal past traumas and discover who you truly are. It is a gift for the life time.

Jasmine Chen

I have used Sarah-Jane for coaching. She is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to, and I felt I can trust her right after our first session. Also, she was supportive in achieving my goals.

Laurentiu Ciocan

Sarah-Jane is an adept listener and communicator and her articulations of my concerns made them easier to deal with. My sessions with her were detail-orientated and produced great results in short periods of time. I have gained a lot of confidence since meeting Sarah-Jane and my approach towards things that I used to find difficult to deal with is now much more manageable.

Daniela Sabolova

Working with Sarah-Jane not only changed my life but it also saved my life and not in the aspect of unstable mental health but saving me from living my life with the wrong outlook and not living my life to its full potential. The investment Sarah-Jane has in you makes the end goal so much more achievable, so I am grateful for the tools and guidance that Sarah-Jane has taught me and given me. Slowly putting the puzzle pieces back together again and rebuilding foundations got me to where I am today – so thank you Sarah-Jane.

Charlie Dolby

The key to Sarah-Jane success is her genuine interest in people combined with her knowledge of how to assist people to identify and organise the steps it takes to achieve success in all areas of their life, leaving you with strategies, tools, and coping mechanisms.

I cannot recommend Sarah-Jane’s services enough! She came into my life at a time where I was trying to fit, belongs somewhere. It was a challenging time that left me powerless and doubt myself on many levels. It only started with a conversation with her, with another perspective for me to see and understand what was important for me and how to regain control over my emotions. I had to step back and allowed myself to experience the truth and stop being a victim. I credit Sarah-Jane for putting me in the proper mind frame to where I have now grown exponentially in both my personal and professional lives. I have noticed a greater sense of peace and a lot more control over various aspects of my day to day life.

Marcelle Bousson

Sarah-Jane helped me at a pivotal moment in my life. With the meditation and her life coaching skills I was able to readjust certain negative ideologies I had grown up with. Over the past 3 years, it has been refreshing to talk to her each time and I greatly appreciate her guidance.

Ayomide Ogundeyin