Looking for real change in your life?

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Welcome to SJ Lawrence

Hi, my name is Sarah-Jane but many people know me as SJ.  For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate and driven about personal development and change.  I’m intrigued by the potential of an individual who is given the right support, tools and environment  for them to tap into all of the possibilities available to them.  Especially their ability to change and adapt to circumstances; whether their journey is challenging, effortless or straightforward.

My Therapy and Coaching Journey

In the last 10 years, using all of my experiences I have been able to build and develop my emotional therapy and coaching services to improve the emotional wellbeing of my clients.  I have helped my clients move from a place of pain to freedom, anguish to confidence, anxiety to calm and collected, from feeling lost to having a clear direction.  My work with corporate clients has included conflict resolution – helping clients to manage upwards as well as their teams.  I’ve helped individuals within teams build their personal resilience especially if they feel overwhelmed by their workload or responsibilities, supporting them to elevate any stress and/or anxiety. By supporting teams as well as individuals I have been be able to help build personal confidence in their everyday lives.  Having also designed and delivered programs on emotional intelligence, emotional wellbeing and self-care, promoting habits of success and enhanced coping skill through changing mind-sets.

My Curiosity Was Stirred

I undertook the role of ‘therapist/coach’ long before I qualified in either field.  At work or in personal settings people have always considered me to be open and approachable to share their life experiences with, particularly if they were emotional down or encountered other life challenges.  In the initial years of my career, I worked in Human Resources, Training and Development and then in Organistional Development, it was my time in these positions that my interest sparked and grew in people – human development, as I began to observe how they navigated through change.  I have worked in various sectors, but the majority of my work has been within the Finance Sector and I still provide services within this area.

Working in the human development field has always been fascinating and it still is.  Listening, supporting and guiding people through change seems to come naturally to me, but what I realised from early on, I couldn’t just support people within the work environment without taking into consideration the other spheres of their life – home and personal. This resulted in me taking a holistic approach to my delivery style.

Looking for real change in your life?

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My Personal Journey

In my own life, there was a time when I felt I had no real sense of direction.   There was a time when I reached a crossroad and not knowing what to do, I wandered aimlessly from day to day – life was extremely challenging back then.  Not that I don’t experience challenges now, but now I have a toolbox of goodies I can draw upon, making change and transitions easier and lighter.

During those days when my toolbox was empty, I began to read books about how people overcame adversity and how they not only survived, but thrived too. This was when my own self-discovery journey truly began and my interest in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience began to grow.

I went on to qualify as an Organisational Psychologist with an emphasis on employee well-being, I then further developed within the fields of Positive Psychology and  Neuroscience.  Going on from there, I became certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), HeartMath Mentor and I am now currently studying to become a Brain Health Practitioner.  As the field of human development, psychology and neuroscience is ever expanding and advancing, I think I will always be a long-life student, and this can only further enhance the services I offer to my clients.

It has been a phenomenal journey so far, every experience, every set back has not been wasted.

I am passionate and enthusiastic to help the hundreds and even the thousands of people to transform their lives. Contact me today at SJ Lawrence for your free discovery call and find out how my Emotional Wellbeing Therapy and Coaching can change your life for the better.

“My aim is for people to walk away in a better place than when they came in, so they can fulfil their purpose and impact their own world”

What My Wonderful Clients Say

One of the greatest gifts one can receive is healing, especially when it came through from a skilled and loving guide. I was blessed to have received a healing session from SJ. I felt her presence throughout the entire session, like a beam of warm light.

I started to see gradual changes in my life and in how I deal with challenges afterwards. The people and the things that used to trigger me emotionally are now more manageable or evaporate before I even notice. I also start to accept and forgive, and I let go of old habitual thought patterns that were detrimental to my mental well-being. I feel worthy, loved, and empowered to my own self-discovery.
Let SJ guide you and support you on your journey to heal past traumas and discover who you truly are. It is a gift for the life time.

Jasmine Chen

I have used Sarah-Jane for coaching. She is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to, and I felt I can trust her right after our first session. Also, she was supportive in achieving my goals.

Laurentiu Ciocan

Sarah-Jane is an adept listener and communicator and her articulations of my concerns made them easier to deal with. My sessions with her were detail-orientated and produced great results in short periods of time. I have gained a lot of confidence since meeting Sarah-Jane and my approach towards things that I used to find difficult to deal with is now much more manageable.

Daniela Sabolova

Working with Sarah-Jane not only changed my life but it also saved my life and not in the aspect of unstable mental health but saving me from living my life with the wrong outlook and not living my life to its full potential. The investment Sarah-Jane has in you makes the end goal so much more achievable, so I am grateful for the tools and guidance that Sarah-Jane has taught me and given me. Slowly putting the puzzle pieces back together again and rebuilding foundations got me to where I am today – so thank you Sarah-Jane.

Charlie Dolby

The key to Sarah-Jane success is her genuine interest in people combined with her knowledge of how to assist people to identify and organise the steps it takes to achieve success in all areas of their life, leaving you with strategies, tools, and coping mechanisms.

I cannot recommend Sarah-Jane’s services enough! She came into my life at a time where I was trying to fit, belongs somewhere. It was a challenging time that left me powerless and doubt myself on many levels. It only started with a conversation with her, with another perspective for me to see and understand what was important for me and how to regain control over my emotions. I had to step back and allowed myself to experience the truth and stop being a victim. I credit Sarah-Jane for putting me in the proper mind frame to where I have now grown exponentially in both my personal and professional lives. I have noticed a greater sense of peace and a lot more control over various aspects of my day to day life.

Marcelle Bousson

Sarah-Jane helped me at a pivotal moment in my life. With the meditation and her life coaching skills I was able to readjust certain negative ideologies I had grown up with. Over the past 3 years, it has been refreshing to talk to her each time and I greatly appreciate her guidance.

Ayomide Ogundeyin